Alternatives to Krytox 205 for Novelkey Creams

I tried to look for a similar post on here but couldn’t quite find my answer.

Long story short, my amazon order that contained my brushes and my Krytox 205 has been lost in shipment, which kinda ruined my plans for the evening lol. I am not a patient man, so rather than wait for the order to get found I was wondering if there are some good alternatives for my Novelkeys Creams that I could get at a local store(US)? Anything at a local or big box hardware store that will help me achieve the same effect of a good quality?

I appreciate everyone’s patience with me as I ask a ton of questions. I love being a part of this community so far!


Did you order just regular 205 from Amazon? If so you won’t want to use it by itself for switches TBH. The 205 on amazon is 205g2 not 205g0 & they are very different products despite the similar naming. g0 is much more fluid than g2 & is suitable to be used by itself, while g2 is much more viscous & needs to be thinned with 105 oil to achieve a consistency you could use to lube switches.

As far as something you could buy locally that would be a decent 205g0 analog, Superlube is the only thing that comes to mind. Although you’ll have to do your research & search up which one is closest to 205g0. Much like Krytox, Superlube comes in many variations of oil & grease with many different viscosities.


There are plenty of 205g0 vendors out there now with them in-stock but Amazon is not one of them. If you’re in California, try KEBO.


Oh man, I’m really glad you said something! Fortunately the order hasn’t shipped and I think I can request a refund still. I’ll have to shop around to find the right stuff. Better off just being patient I suppose!

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I am not in California unfortunately. I did see that Divinikey had some in stock. Any idea how reputable they are and what their turnaround might be?


Mixing 205g2 with 105 (1:1) might be a fun option. You end up with a more silky versus creamy consistency. Being able to adjust your mix ratios based on the switch your lubing has been a fun, although overkill, habit I’ve grown accustomed to.


their turnaround seem reasonable. I just ordered some stuff from them recently and it came within the same week. And I’m about to order some krytox from them too. =D

Just checked - it took 4 days after placing the order for the shipment to arrive at my door.

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That’s what I like to hear! I wasn’t too patient so I went ahead and placed the Creams in my keeb to test them out and MAN are these babies nice. Even unlubed I am in HEAVEN. Can’t want to see how they sound/feel with lube in them. I don’t think I’ll be listening to music for a while, just the keyboard singing its sweet music!

To get the most out of Cream switches, use them unlubed for a few weeks to break them in before lubing. Difference could matter if you’re highly sensitive to smoothness. If not, lube away.


Oh, nice. Thanks for the advice!

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