Aluminium Vs Brass Sound Test

Still playing with Mechmini’s here!

Thanks to all the random upgrade purchases I had the opportunity to do this comparison so I figured I’d go for it, no surprises in the results for me but I would say ‘how does Brass sound compared to Aluminium’ is one of those questions that keeps on coming back - so here you go.

Both boards are using retooled blacks lubed with 104 and sprit 63.5g springs lubed with 106 (at least my boringly consistent lubing allows for more comparisons!). Both are fixed layout 1.5mm plates without switchtop opening.



I just follow your YouTube channel and all sound test videos are really interesting, wait for more videos.

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Thanks! I’m sure there will be more coming…

Have any links where I can buy the lube from? Also having a hard time finding retooled blacks in stock

The retooled were from arrow, the 106 from eBay (I’m in the UK) and the 104 from sprit (you can order through the form on his site direct).