An effective way to switch host computer

I often use my keyboard with a desktop PC but sometimes I also need to (concurrently) work with a laptop and unplug / plug my keyboard every time I need to switch device is a hassle. (I don’t wanna use laptop keyboard.)

so I’m thinking about how to switch between usb-wired devices. is it enough to just switch D+ and D- ?
like this:

imagine I have a keyboard with 2 usb ports, 1 plugged to PC and another to laptop
then if I want to switch between PC and Laptop, I just flip the toggle switch.

I’m not sure if it’s alright to connect vcc,gnd from both hosts.

what is your thoughts about this?

btw, I do know about KVM switch


There are software solutions to this, given that you have networking between the machines.

I use Mouse without Borders a lot at home, but that only works between Windows machines. Synergy works between all OS’es.


There are also switching USB hubs instead of full blown KVM switches. Like this

As for the technical answer you are looking for I cant help sadly.

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I just bought exactly that UGREEN switch and it works perfectly without external power even with a Tada68, Logitech Unified dongle and Wacom tablet plugged in.

I use it to switch my HID between 2 KVMs :wink:

Don’t risk the DPDT switch idea. You could easily damage one or other host if there’s a difference in ground potential. Get the UGreen USB switch mentioned below.


I use Multiplicity. Paid, but I never have problems with it, and it also has KVM capabilities.

oh my lord :scream: … I guess I have to scrap this idea :frowning_face:

I use the USB switch below for what seems to be the same purpose and it works fine. No need to reinvent the wheel.