Analysis of Holy Panda vs Zealios V2: Similar Concept, with Trade-offs

This is my analysis of Holy Panda vs Zealios V2.

Both switches are aiming towards a large and round tactile feel.

I personally felt that Zealios V2 is a more polished version of the concept, since Holy Panda was an “accident” while the Zealios V2 was actually a proof of concept brought to execution.

Zealios V2 proved to be superior than the Panda when it came to Tactility and Tactile Roundness. Panda housings are a good middle ground between Retooled MX Blue housings (Good for large and sharp tactility) and Zealio V2 housings (Good for large and round tactility) in this regard.

When it came to stems, there were trade-offs. Zealios V2 stems were more tactile while the Halo stems being more round and long drawn out.

I would recommend mixing parts accordingly to your liking. I would have to say, I am very impressed with Zealio V2.


What Microscope do you use?

Great write up, thanks for doing this! I agree that V2s are pretty impressive, I got a batch of the 78g V2s & rebuilt my Clueboard with them. I’ve been very happy with them so far. They are hugely tactile, but manage to keep a really nice round feeling to it, all while reaming buttery smooth. A lot to like with very few drawbacks with the V2s IME! Not that they’ll knock Holy Pandas off their podium, I think they both feel distinct enough from each other to co-exist, but a more refined pass at the ideal the HP represents is a really good way of describing V2s!

I like the tactility of the V2s, but I still wish there was some way to have the switch rebound better. It feels like it gets caught going back up. I guess it’s just a limitation to the MX design, and something Alps did better.

Lube helps a bit, but I find that I have to changing my typing style for switches with a bump like the V2s. Have to have a springy/hammering press instead of resting on the keys for it to feel right to me.

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