Annoying page overflow on mobile

Anyone else experienced this on mobile. I’m on the latest iOS and it happens in chrome, safari, and Firefox. Doesn’t matter if I use light or dark theme. It’s not a deal breaker or anything. Just annoying. See below how the post count gets chopped off on the right edge. You can scroll over to see it


Can’t say I’m having the same issue with chrome on Android

Same, no issue with Firefox on Android :slight_smile:

Don’t have that issue on iPhone :thinking:

But, my default page zoom for all websites, including KT, is 75%.

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Same. Tested in iOS with all browsers mentioned. Hmm.

That’s probably what I’ll do too. Good idea.


I just tried and that worked for me. iOS chrome, hit the bottom right 3 dots in the UI, select “Zoom Text…” and click the minus sign one time. Should persist for that URL