Anti Wobble of Your Choice?

So, here I am dealing with unfilmed Kailh creams. It got me thinking, what is the absolute best switch for anti-wobble? North-south, East-west. You name it. Any WOBBLE.

In my experience so far, I have to put tangerines at #1. What is your favorite anti-wobble switch?


This might help. ThereminGoat has a scorecard. I pretty much keep my purchases to anything 20 and above for the Wobble category. I didn’t totally agree with his Snow White review/score, so in the end it’s up to you.


Off-hand, I’m going to say slowshi’s Deadpool frankenswitch; Gateron bottom, Gazzew top, Kailh Pro Burgundy stem.

The Gazzew tops are super tight and many stems won’t even fit through them, but those that do tend to enjoy low wobble.

An honorable mention would be Gateron Caps - their resting wobble is pretty normal but the travel and bottom-out are unusually stable; sort if the opposite of the last switch, which is very stable at-rest but has the long-pole teeter effect at bottom-out.