Any 40% lovers here? 💖

Currently started exploring using sub-40%, my first one being this qaz-like layout called Apricot by Lazydesigners

After a couple of weeks using it, I have gotten used to combos and tap-dances and I think I might stay sub-40% for quite a while. Haha. About to buy an Alice-like 40% next from the same designer. What 40% or sub-40% do you guys love typing on?

Made a short video on the build if you’re interested in the custom board and what my keymap looks like: Apricot Build Video

Keyboard Specs:
Keyboard: Apricot by LazyDesigners
Keycaps: KAM Bouquet (r2 color samples I received from the manufacturer)
Switches: Bouquet Tactiles


I’m all about the ortholinear, fell in love with the Planck and have later on found my “endgame” in my Efreet.
I would love to be able to get one more but it’s rare to find premium ones.


I actually started the whole journey with a Daisy, as it was way cheaper than a Tofu. Not really in use today, never got it to sound like I wanted (flat Alu Case, lubed Akko Ocean Blue, very pingy) and then extended.

I really do like the 40s, but am not sure about using them for work right now. I tend to switch to something in the 6x% range. Otherwise got a Mercuito, Clunker, Milk Truck and 1 1/2 CRKBD here. QEZ is in planning :smiley:

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I’m a resident 40s evangelist. My desk is always wrecked; covered in microphones, cables, guitar pedals, etc. When I first went from a Model M to a Vortex Core three or so years ago my head exploded. (Cue Step Brothers ‘room for activities’). Here are some builds!