Any 40% PCBs with full spacebars?

Been looking at 40% lately but haven’t found anything in stock that wasn’t a 1u spacebar, wondering if there are any right now.

JD40 from 1up and Originative (cheaper) have full spacebar support (6u and 6.25u). The Daisy also supports a full 6.25 space.

There is also a group buy on P3D for the Phoenix 45, which supports 6.25.

Finally KeyHive sells the Nightmare, which supports 7u.

Thanks, appreciate it!

Also, do you know if there are any plates I could find for either the Nightmare or JD40, or should I build plateless?

1Up Keyboards also sells sandwich plate kits for the JD40 (you can get purple carbon fiber or steel at the moment). To save money I’d order the PCB from originative and the plate/case from 1Up, unless the shipping cancels the $20 cost savings.

Big Blue Saw has a JD40 design as well.

The Nightmare I believe has a Github and plate/case files hosted there. I could be confusing it with something else though. You can order plate/case from Ponoko or Sendcutsend using the files provided.

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