Any cable makers here? Need help

So i’m was looking forward to building my own cables (initially plenty of them), all the required parts are widely available but the problem starts with the usb-c connectors. I spent a lot of time looking for ones with the metal case(?) but there seem to be none or only available in USA (from cable companies) or via Aliexpress (I’m EU based so the shipping price and time are outrageous). So is there anyone who can help me find those or give any kind of advice?
pic of what i mean:

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i can only find the connector and not the case

I would check out

A quick glance of the list showed these vendors but there is probably more. Good luck cable making!

I made a few mistakes when I started cables IMO a few tips:

  • Order a few extra connectors just in case
  • Breakout boards and multimeter help to make sure you didn’t mess anything up… I may have burned out a num pad because I reversed 2 wires…

I have also found Unicorn Cables and they are based at Slovenia which is great for me i think. Google says its about a week for a package to come to my country from Slovenia. I think I’m going to buy from them for now and see wheather I have the skills required to make those cables LMAO

Yep defo going to buy from them. I’ve contacted them and they say the last packages took 6-8 days to ship so that’s great :nerd_face: