Any experience with those under stab stickers?

I know the meta these days is to not band-aid mod under your stabs anymore. However I still like doing it. Mostly cause of routine, but it also helps prevent lube from leaking all over the PCB.

I have received some stab “stickers” from a number of different sources. Some film sheets come with them, and C3 stabs include them. You can buy some directly now too from vendors.

Curious if anyone has any thoughts or advice around using these vs. good ole’ band-aids? The stickers seem convenient, but also thin.


I’ve tried kbdfans foam stickers, c3 stickers, band aids. Tbh they all really serve the same purpose, and I don’t feel any noticeable difference between them. For me I happen to have a huge role of sports tape so I just use that. Plus, it is a bright fuchsia, so theres that.


I used the kbdfans stickers in the last couple of builds I did, I think they work well. Pretty much the same effect as actual bandaids with less hassle.