Any good A87 PCB outline ressources and/or links?

Hello all,

I am planning in the near future to make a TKL PCB using different swiches technology than the ones we currently see in our good old customs, with the plan to open source it later on if everything goes well.

To maximize compatibility I plan to use the well known A87 compatible PCB outlines, just like Hiney H87 PCBs and Gondolindrim Apollo (and of course many others that exist).

If you look at various compatibility conscious A87 PCBs you have holes on the borders to accomodate various bottom cases designs and to possibly use O-ring gaskets.

Problem no 1:
Looks like no one seem to agree on the number of holes and their placements: @hineybush , Gondolindrim and @4pplet seem to have different amounts and not all placed at the same spot.

Problem no 2:

I have not been able to find good information about the typical A87 PCB outline, and I don’t want to just make a ripoff of Gondolindrim work on the Apollo or @4pplet work on the Waffle80.

So if anyone has informations and/or links to dimensions or better .SVG/.DXF files I’d gladly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance keeb friends !