Any interest in a Canada based distributor/retailer?

Hey fellow snow-dwellers (or rain, if you live in Vancouver) - new keyboard maniac over here, to the great dismay of my fiancée. I own a few boards and keysets, which led me to finding myself frustrated with high shipping fees and the CBSA that’s always been lenient but is now taxing every single thing due to the current US administration… And I’m considering establishing a Canada-based online store.

The goal is not to stock stuff - it’s a niche within a niche and the risk would outweigh the benefits, but more when there’s a GB, I could consolidate orders and import everything at once, and reship from Canada to cut on costs. If there’s enough demand, maybe even get established as a proxy. I’m not planning on making any money over covering my costs here, but even then we’re not talking huge savings, just more convenience.

I’m just trying to get a feel of how many of us there is, and if there’s an interest. Since the goal isn’t to make a living out of it, I’m not going to put effort into it if there’s no interest. So let me know!


I feel the pain of being a Canadian!

I’m interested, but I recently bought a bunch of stuff so I’m not going to be buying anything for a while.