Anyone able to measure a Kishsaver?

I was wondering if anyone had a Kishsaver they could get measurements on in millimeters?

The width of the bezels (sides and top), thickness of that front bezel below the keycaps, and the thickness and height of the ridge on top of the keyboard and the total height of the case?

I wanted to see if I could 3D print something closer to the original Kishsaver or if it’s too large.



Wish I could help you out here, but I don’t own a Kishsaver & don’t know anyone who does off the top of my head to ask. :thinking: If I do think of someone I will definitely see if they can get you those measurements. I’d love to see a Kishsaver type case from you, even if you have to downsize it a bit to properly print it. Also looking very forward to the ADK64 cases, I hope all is going well with them for you!

Try PMing Ellipse on Geehack


If you get an answer, could you post it?