Anyone doing non-split, columnar staggered, choc compatible with bluetooth?

Love all the stuff in the wild, but my mobile platform is an older iPad and I’m not seeing any bluetooth except some older prototypes from southpawdesign(dot)net. Anyone else doing what I described?


I saw a Morgrie 60% a while back, and just saw it on someone’s Instagram story (I think it was TKC?, I forgot haha)… It’s still in pre-order/development stage though. I think kbdfans is coming out with a wired low-profile one (if you creep their Instagram). Other than that, Choc keys are hard since there aren’t a lot of consistent stabilizer solutions/keycaps out there… for now… :slight_smile:

Cool board, but different from board described in title — think Atreus or similar but with choc keys and Bluetooth.

Oh shoot, I glanced over that part and just focused on the Choc switches haha. I’ll keep my eyes peeled mate!

Sounds like the NumAtreus

Saw that but no clue how to I can buy/order, even on non-english site. Looks like a one-off. If you can find an order link, let me know.

One would have to get two primary things:

1x “BLE Micro Pro”

1x NumAtreus Kit

Tenso is the service recommended by these folks to potential buyers outside of Japan

Alternatively, the design files are available.

BLE Micro Pro


So the paths forward are complicated and more complicated, but at least it’s possible. :slight_smile:

Thanks - I saw similar. The problem I see here is the numatreus kit

doesn’t have the extended battery space (or switch) in the case that the one-off black/white prototype has.

Maybe you can get a battery in the production case. That is isn’t clear. What is clear is this line from the prototype page that concerns me: “I designed and printed out a custom case that accommodates two AAA batteries.” The prototype has that extended section in the case (actually a separate piece) plus a power switch. I don’t see that on the production case.

Sounds like it’s the more complicated route, without knowing battery fit or a power switch solution. My inner “maker” is interested, but I have no time for those adventures, thus the question is anyone actually building/selling what I described.