Anyone got DSA Magic Girl?

I got my girlfriend DSA Magic Girl for her Novatouch, but the spacebar isn’t compatible with Topre sliders. Can anyone give a guess on what the closest PMK color code for it is? I believe that PMK’s DSA bars will fit, and I’d like to buy a replacement from them.

Also, if you have any spare Novatouch cases or plastic cases that will fit it, I’d like to hear about that so we could paint it (just don’t have the capital for a Norbatouch rn :frowning: )

I’m like 80% sure I still have the original case for my novatouch somewhere and have no attachment to it

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It looks like it didn’t make it last time I moved

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Damn. Oh well. Thanks for offering!

Is there a Topre slider for the spacebar? All the sliders and stabs should be MX compatible.

The spacebar’s mounts don’t physically fit on the Novatouch slider.