Anyone have thoughts on the mStone keycap boxes?

Curious if anyone has one of these or something similar - looking for something to store my keycaps that takes up a little less space than the GMK trays. If you have one, any thoughts? Seems a touch expensive but something I was still considering.

Any similar alternative storage solutions?

Hmmm, these definitely seem pretty pricey, but I guess if you have the money these might be a really good bet. I’m happy enough with putting my keycaps in zip lock bags then chucking them in the bin though :smiley:


I do the same

They don’t work with SA caps, which are the ones I would primarily need this kind of thing for. Plus it seems like they wouldn’t fit all of the keys for most sets, so you’ll still have to store some of them in bags. If you want to just display the caps with them I suppose they could work, but I would rather just keep them on a board and display that.

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Ah yeah, I guess ziploc bags would be the ultimate cheap solution though kind of a pain which is why I was considering this. The price is a little hard to swallow though; I might just end up using ziploc baggies too

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They look kinda like the cases JTK sets come in

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I agree, too pricey plus the wait, no bueno IMHO.

That’s what they reminded me of also.

OP, you can get JTK keycap storage cases from 1UP for $18 + free shipping within the US & it’ll ship much faster. I would say they are a better buy than those ones from Drop. There is also places you can buy GMK trays & ePBT trays from, but IMHO the JTK trays are the best option out of the four.

! Thanks for the tip - I might just do that!

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Those are just too expensive. I was thinking of getting these which are $15 for a pack of 2. At 3/4" thick, they should hold any size keycap without being tall enough so that the keycaps can flip over. Not sure how many caps will fit in one box, but if I get them I’ll report back.

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I’m curious about this, excited to hear how they turn out!

Actually I found an even cheaper option here. Ordered two sets of two and will post here about how they work out.

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They do seem like pretty nice, but cheap storage cases for keycaps. The only drawback I can see is that there is nothing to divide the rows, so the keys can get all jumbled around inside them unless it completely full. I don’t see them flipping around though as those look like they they will just fit OEM, Cherry, possibly DSS & flat profile caps (DSA, XDA, maybe uniform R3 SA, etc.). Also the caps getting jumbled around is only really an issue if you’ll be transporting them in these cases a lot. Let us know how they go once you get them! :+1:

To be fair, if you’re comparing them to ziplock bags, I think the jumble factor is a negligible consideration for the protection given

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Can’t argue that, LOL! I cringe every time I put one of my SP SA sets back into the baggies they came in. Such a terrible way to ship such high quality (& expensive) keycaps. It blows my mind SP hasn’t at least started using cheap thin plastic trays & cheap cardboard boxes like Maxkeys does. I don’t think that’s too much to ask from us consumers, but… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Turns out these boxes are perfect! Yes, it’s a pain to not have separation between the rows, but you can actually fit a 104-piece key set in a single box. This photo shows a complete set of Big Bone MDA profile keycaps with a layer of thin foam at the bottom to help keep them from flipping around when turned upside down. The lower the profile of the keycaps, the thicker foam you would want to add (even bubble wrap would work for like DSAs). The foam is optional, and not necessary if you won’t be transporting the case.

I also tested row 1 SA keycaps and they fit perfectly with no added foam—the lid just touches the tallest point when closed without adding pressure.

As you can see, even when I hold it vertically the keys stay in place. At $10.65 for a 2 pack, I think this is a very good and super economical way to store keycaps. Now, what to do with all these cardboard boxes and flimsy plastic holders?


I just went to order some more of these boxes and they are now “currently unavailable.” Did you guys all buy them up or what? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Luckily there are other listings for identical boxes, just more expensive.