Anyone Interested in the Blade 60%?

Anyone interested in the Blade 60% board by KBDFans? Though they have gotten bad rep in the community but I do quite like this board that is currently running by them. Looks quite unique and it’s not super expensive (yes, fully aware it’s tray mount).

I particularly like the lilac and the black cases. How abt you? :slight_smile:


I think this case will sell just because of the beautiful colors. I almost picked one up because some of the choices are so striking.

Who gives KBD a bad rep? I call BS. KBDfans is not perfect but they provide a lot of value and I don’t think the community would be where we are today without their contributions.

I have similar boards to the Blade, but I like the innovation. The mounting style is pretty cool. Nothing super crazy, but I like that the o-rings are on the bottom too. Like I said, the whole thing is interesting. The bezels are a little big for my tastes.

I think it is another awesome board if you are just getting into the hobby.


yeah same here! I like the colours offered…it’s quite nice!

heh, I have been in this hobby for quite some time now but I still like boards like this. Quite a fun one though :smiley:


It is also on Kono if you want to buy from a US seller.

I’m in for one, don’t really need another tray mount, but I want to support the innovation and incremental/evolutionary steps. Between this, bakaneko and Salvation it feels like the next gen of tray mounts will be really fun.


I briefly considered this but everyone’s hands-down, all-time loved, dare I say revered vendor Drop*, was having a screaming deal on the KBDFans 5 degree 60% case so I snagged one of those.

I’m kinda meh on the design

Someone on the reddit GB post was saying KBDFans will likely beat Kono to ship. Kono is better for returns if needed though.

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Blade 60%… what a name.

I can’t help but to think of the “I studied the blade” copy pasta.

But I guess the board is an okay looking traymount with bottom foam and o-ring mount :man_shrugging:

Nothing crazy, but it doesn’t have to be. Although the name suggests more edge than the product cares to have.


Honestly would kinda respect the name a bit more if they were trying to revive the Zlant

One thing that I do like about this is the round cable hole in the back. I guess this is a carry-over from the D60 design. It’s functional (allows thicker cable endings) and looks pretty cool. Selling a USB-C cable with a perfectly matched end-piece would be a cool add-on

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love to see all those color choices :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m in, the yellow will pair well with gmk serika


I was thinking the same thing. I’m going to hold off on ordering another kit though, at least until some of the keycaps sets I ordered last year start to trickle in.