Anyone know if the Ducky One 2 Mini is compatible with Standard 60% PCBs?

Got a weird one for you, fam.

Came across the Ducky One 2 Mini, and I really like the case on this. .

Seems to be exactly the type of thing I’ve been having a hard time finding - a high quality plastic case with optional height adjustment from flip out feet. Problem is, I want split backspace, Zealilos, QMK, and either a CF or brass plate.

From the limited angles I could see, it seems like it has standard 60% mounts (empty case shown here:, but I’m not sure how an aftermarket 60% USB-C slot would align with the cutout in the case although the Ducky PCB looks to be a pretty standard layout.

Long shot, but… Anybody with one of these able to confirm if they can fit a standard 60% pcb like the DZ60 USB C and plate into the case?

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I was wondering about the same thing with my Ducky Year of the Horse edition. The thing about Ducky cases is that the input USB connector hole is placed somewhat in a freeform such that internally the PCB requires a wired USB adaptor. :thinking:

Certainly looks to be standard 60% mount compatible. Also, the USB header on the Ducky One PCB is in the same place as all standard 60% PCBs. Like you said, just a question of the USB-C form factor.

I’m curious why you have a specific need for adjustable flip out feet. Could you not just determine the angle you like and then prop the case to that angle with rubber feet or a something like a dowel rod? Are you needing to change angles a lot?

Maybe you’re doing a sit/stand setup? Didn’t think about that. I’m ordering a sit/stand desk this weekend. Hmm… now I’m suddenly in need of adjustable case feet.

Height adjustment is nice because I have a massive ganglion cyst in my left wrist that I’ve been putting off the surgery on for a while. Sometimes, the angle of a case can mess with me and makes my thumb, middle, and index fingers go numb. I find that varying angle helps prevent agitating it too much.

Also, yeah sit/stand desks both at home and work.


I don’t know what kind of issues you are facing, but maybe you should try out some really thick and deep wristrest and/or a negative angle like the drop Alt keyboard in low profile have is something for u.