Anyone know if the Ducky One 2 Mini is compatible with Standard 60% PCBs?

Got a weird one for you, fam.

Came across the Ducky One 2 Mini, and I really like the case on this. .

Seems to be exactly the type of thing I’ve been having a hard time finding - a high quality plastic case with optional height adjustment from flip out feet. Problem is, I want split backspace, Zealilos, QMK, and either a CF or brass plate.

From the limited angles I could see, it seems like it has standard 60% mounts (empty case shown here:, but I’m not sure how an aftermarket 60% USB-C slot would align with the cutout in the case although the Ducky PCB looks to be a pretty standard layout.

Long shot, but… Anybody with one of these able to confirm if they can fit a standard 60% pcb like the DZ60 USB C and plate into the case?

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