Anyone recommend a KVM switch?

Hey all,

I am looking to do another wave of upgrading my work from home setup. I am looking to tackle configuring a home laptop (older MacBook) and a work laptop (new USBC MacBook) to one monitor, one mouse, and one keyboard.

Does anyone have a affordable solution that they would recommend? I have mainly been looking at KVM switches, particularly this one -

I am starting to think a switch with headphone support might be pretty nice though too.

Thanks everyone!

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I run a IOGear with a pretty similar setup. No complaints at all. Here’s a quick review. Hope it helps.

Thanks @ajoflo! I have checked out the IOGear in my search, but was always a little disappointed with how cheap it LOOKs compared to the price. It does have the features I want though…

KVM switches seem like TI-83 calculators. Basic ass tech that has been around for years, but some how is still like 100$… :nauseated_face:

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I have this one:

Technically I have the 2-usb “with hotkey” version because I don’t think the no-hotkey one existed when I bought it. Pretty sure it is (or was, when I bought it) the cheapest 4K KVM on Amazon, but it works fine. Even with the hotkey support, it doesn’t replace the keyboard with some generic driver (i.e. my computer can still see that my keyboard is a Southpaw Fullsize with it plugged into the switch).

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Oh yeah, it’s ugly. I stow it under my desk for that very reason.

I use this one. I’m pretty happy with it. Ports are all in the back and it comes with the combo-cables.

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I ended up pulling the trigger on this guy. Thanks! I was looking at an older model that was a little cheaper, but it sounds like the USB ports didn’t really work for mechanical keyboards. Kinda need that!


Just an FYI for anyone who might be looking for a new monitor and kvm. I recently purchased the Gigabyte M27Q. It has a built in KVM. I currently have my gaming PC and Macbook connected to it. The monitor has a button to switch between devices and so far it works flawlessly. Also the price is great for what you’re getting. I’d highly recommend if it fits your needs.

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Nice. It’s low profile (short) and comes with a remote (batteries unfortunately not included). It’s not a bad price either. I found that once you get to 60Hz, prices can take off.

I really regret not paying more attention to this when I was looking at monitors at the start of COVID.

I am happy with the price I paid for monitor I got, but I regret not going a little more all out. Could have got a better resolution with a cool KVM feature. Now I am spending ~100$ for just the KVM :man_shrugging:

Picked up the KVM and installed it. It is nice, only disappointment is that the model that is supposed to work with fancier mouse and keyboards, still doesn’t work.

I have to plug a usb hub into the one USB2.0 port and then plug my keyboard and Logitech Master mouse into that. Dongle city over here! I just find it weird for the price of this device, the usb ports seem to be where they cheaped out…

I also found out that with MacOS, you can control the volume (increase/decrease) if you route it over HDMI :man_shrugging: Makes the audio out of the KVM kind of useless, although that is not the devices fault.

Strange. I run my NK65 and a Glorious Model O Wireless through the switch I linked. No issues 🤷