Anyone taken one of these apart before? Asking for help

Hhkb pd-kb02. The control key is not functioning since I received it several years ago. Interestingly it’s got a rainbow’d I guess stainless plate and takes apart a bit differently from other models I own. There are screws so I’m assuming take those out. I’d ask hasu he convinced me to get one but idk if he’s still on gh. Halp please



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I thought maybe it could be a dip switch issue but then I looked it up and this HHKB doesn’t even have an option to swap control. Interesting.

Not familiar with this particular board but I have taken a few membrane boards apart before. Really hard to mess them up. So, I have no clue, but I would not hesitate to start taking those screws out. Good luck :+1:

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Yep took em out them didn’t know what the big disc is so I’m gonna hesitate to try again. The plastic is frail too also this is like an antique practically so gotta be careful coz I don’t know what I’m doing here. Some may indicate it’s a bit different than a keyboard that is typical for membranes

It sure looks like a speaker/buzzer. Especially with the fact that it only has power running to it and no data.

Damn it can talk to me huh. I wonder if I can get Cortana to use Snoop Dogg’s voice to me with it

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Yep, a speaker/buzzer

That’s awesome. Dizzle