Anything out there with a True Fox layout?

My Whitefox was my intro to this world, and still holds up as a really good daily driver for me … but …
It’s started to develop a few faults, double-striking on some keys (especially if I replace the original keycaps with something heavier) and now I’m getting random phantom keystrokes arriving …

At some point I’ll have to open this up and start looking for solder issues, but I honestly don’t have the eyesight for that sort of game any more.

Things I specifically love about this keyboard are :-

  • It lays flat - no enforced 5% incline - I can add that with risers if I want
  • No gaps in the key layout - except for the left cursor. Everything else is nice and closed together.
  • 16 keys on the top row - gives me space for ~` and |\ both of which I use on a regular basis because Linux.
  • The small backspace works very well for me, I make a lot of typos so it’s handy being close …

What would you recommend as a mid-2022 competitor to this layout? The Drop ALT is really close, I have one already … but that top row has only 15 keys …

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Honestly, any custom 65% with a blocker for the arrows can be set up to have that same layout with a solder PCB (even some hotswap PCBs can support it, but much harder to find them). The only thing that differentiates the Truefox layout from just plain ANSI layout on a 65% with a arrow blocker is that it uses split backspace instead of a full backspace.

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Tofu65 with solder PCB will allow you to replicate the TrueFox layout. However, the flat cases without an angle are on clearance at KBDfans so no idea how long they will still be available.