Apex 7 Spacebar sounds uneven


I bought the apex 7 4 days ago. I have noticed that the left side of my spacebar sounds diffrent than the right side.It sounds more pingy and high pitched. Im not into keyboards that much and i dont know how to fix this. How can i fix this issue ?

Could it just be a stabilizer issue? Maybe lack of lubrication on the left side?

Or it could be the way it’s sitting in the case. Maybe the supports on the case contact more on the right than the left? I don’t own one, but usually injection case molds have symmetrical supports throughout, but your space bar is asymmetrically positioned.

i have noticed that the keys on the right side of my keyboard also sound diffrent than left side. so its not the spacebar but the whole keyboard is like this. so i dont really think its a stabilazor problem. but didnt get waht you were saying about the support thing.

Usually ABS injection molded cases have supports or “ribbing” that run both horizontally and vertically. The PCB/plate assembly sits on these supports for most off the shelf keyboards.

If it was mine, I would take it apart to see how it’s made. It’s possible you could make it sound more even by filling up a few voids under the PCB. However, this will definitely void the manufacturer’s warranty.

You can probably do a search for a tear down of the keyboard if you feel up to taking it apart. It’s generally one or two screws and some plastic tabs along the top and bottom.

I dont think i will be doing that becouse im pretty sure that i will break it and dont wabt to mess up the warranty. Thank you for your reply tho.

I’m not very familiar with this board, but from the Apex 7 product page, it looks a lot like a bent steel frame with plastic bottom/sides:

I’m guessing the left side of the board is either more hollow than the right side and is conducting more of the spring ping and amplifying the sound. Like @pixelpusher said, there are lots of ways to make keyboards sound better, but for a pre-built board like the Apex 7, they almost always void the warranty.

If the sound isn’t something you can live with, I’d recommend contacting customer support and seeing if they can send a replacement. Just a quick glance at reviews and it doesn’t seem like a pinging sound is a common problem.

Its not like a spring type pinging. its just more hollow. It doesnt bother me that much i just wanted to know if there is a fix. Thank you !

Hello again. I found the fix and its really dumb but works. So when i was puting in the keycap of the spacebar, i was pushing down the corners of the keycap. But when i tried pushing in the keycap from the middle of it, it sound really good and really even on the sides. i think one of the stem holes on my keycap is a bit deeper than the other one.

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It’s also likely that the space bar isn’t straight and it’s curved upwards on the ends. In this scenario, pushing down on one end raises the other end up doubly. Your solution is a fine one and I’ve often done the same.