APL keycaps?

I see Drop has some leftover stock of some APL keycaps. The price is rather high, and the reviews don’t give me confidence that the price matches the quality.

It seems like keycaps having APL language symbols are pretty rare. I’m a fan of keycaps with alternative languages on them, and the APL is too cool.

Anyone else know how the keyboard community has reacted to APL keycaps in the past? Would they ever make the MOQ threshold in a new keycap set GB?

FWIW, Drop’s advertising is just flat out bad - the price is high if you thought you were getting one keycap set, but you’re actually getting two for that price. In particular, if my experience is any indication, you’ll get two sets in accordance with this post from the original drop.

I bit my tongue and ordered the CRP APL for the outlandish price (I’m a sucker for programming/math sublegends), and to my surprise, I received not only the CRP APL but also the CRP JIPink, which is actually pretty nice as well. I haven’t put either of these on a board yet, so I can’t speak to stem fit, which appears to have been an issue for some, but I did want to mention the unadvertised two-for-one aspect of the drop. Legends look relatively clean, FWIW, and at least with respect to feel and legend quality, I’m quite pleased.

Of course, since this two-for-one bit is not mentioned in the current drop, YMMV - but since what I received matches the format of the original drop, I think the odds are at least better than even that other purchasers would receive sets as outlined by that post as well.


This comment on the drop page indicates that there is no second bonus set this time.

Thanks for the review, though!

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Good to know - but I still received it anyway…

I’d also add that the Drop response does not necessarily look, shall we say, informed…

Feeling nostalgic for Commodore SuperPET keyboard with APL sub-legends, I was tempted to order the CRP APL keyset but my wife knock that thought out of my head with a timely side-look. Ha.


I bet she would love CRP JIPink! Are you feeling lucky?