Aqua Zilents(62g) version swapped with Sprit springs(68s, 65s, and 72p) rotates clockwise when fully pressed

Anyone have weird experience with Aqua Zilents, specially with the 62g version housing?

I’ve tried googling about reviews about it and only found good things about it(for valid reasons) but something is bothering me about how they somehow twist clockwise when after the highest tactile peak.

This observation of mine came from Aqua zilents(62g parts except the springs) - ignore the keycap label.

Link of video using 72p SPrit springs, this is also same with 68s, and 65s

Is this normal for aqua zilents?

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So I have 62g Zilent V2’s that have not been opened. I do have one (The tab key, IIRC.) that will occasionally torque to one side, but I think it may be due to how I pick up my travel keyboard.

Your GIF gives the impression, that you may be pushing really hard, at the bottom of the stroke. Which could possibly be causing the rubber bumpers at the bottom of the switch to deform and cause the twisting motion. It could also be a bad stem, with messed up bumpers.

aside from spring swapped, its a new batch of switches…found out later on, it’s a bad stem. Tested 3 randomly fresh from bag, fetched the stems and tried on halo housings and still the same. These are noticeable on my aqua zilents, my zilents v2 don’t have the problem.

Sucks how much they cost just to have a bad stem. :cry:

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Bummer, I’d contact Zeal, or the re-seller, if you didn’t get them directly.

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it’s from drop. First drop of aqua zilents.

Thanks! but I think i’ll just tank this one. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle given the current situation re: COVID(country lockdown, limited delivery, etc.). Guess I’ll just have to figure out what to do with the housing.

Could try some of those UHMW liner stems… If they are available.

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I actually messaged u/hbherionbob for his new stem(U4 - full travel silent tactile stem) after finding out the twisting issue of my aqua.

But yeah, those U4 or I’ll just get some Tacit whenever they’ll become in stock.


I haven’t gotten to try the aquas yet, but I was just having a conversation yesterday about some quality control issues I’d noticed with Zeal and other Gateron-made silents.

I hadn’t seen the twisting, but my samples all have an unusually high resting position, and you can feel the stem sort of settle-in before the normal travel begins. I was saying yesterday I’d not heard anyone else mention it so it could be a fluke, but it does seem like there might be inconsistencies here and there with the little dampener legs.

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I have zealios v2, zilents v2 and aqua zilents, I think the zilentsV2/aqua is consistent to have that “settle-in” touch which I also find it weird also since zealios v2 doesn’t have one.

Hopefully these will be addressed by new batches, if ever Zeal acknowledges it.

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I think it’s caused by the rubber / silicon dampeners at the top not being as tall as the normal hard plastic surface that is there on the non-silent Zealios, etc.

Maybe padding on one side of the stem is protruding more than the other side?

nah, the twisting starts right after the end of the bump and before the stem hits the bottom.

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So first time here as I was googling the same issue and nothing was coming up so I thought I better share my experience too.

But I have been playing around with a kbdfans zeal switch tester for the past couple of weeks and was noticing this strange feeling when bottoming out with the Zilents.

Turns out the Zilents (all except the 65g for some reason) twist exactly the same way when bottoming out as in your vid.

Might have to go with Zelios instead as once you notice the issue, its hard not to feel it on every keypress (yes I usually bottom out when typing, but especially when gaming).

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okay, so I’m not the only one. Until now, I’ve been trying people’s zilents and most of the time the switches rotate when bottomed out, kind of weird people isn’t noticing.

But hey, got U4 switches and sticking with it for my silent builds.


I have a full board with Zilents, so maybe I should record a video of me typing on it.

I know there are abnormalities in mine [high stem resting position, slight pre-travel], and it wouldn’t surprise me to find this rotation issue, either.

Mine are from the pre-order GB batch of Aqua Zilents.

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