Archon Art Box Switches

I did a goof earlier today involving the pesky old Cherry profile vs North-facing switches thing. While thinking about possible solutions, I remembered a :3wildcat video I’d seen not long ago, where they demonstrated a non-silent Kailh Box variant that didn’t interfere with GMK caps when North-facing. I looked back over their recent videos and found it pretty quickly.

As the title suggests, those in question are called “ART BOX” switches. Outside a few references to a hotswap board called the Hansung TFG Art, I’ve only seen them on this Korean website:

From what I can tell, Kailh makes these variants just for Archon - which incidentally look just like the top housing for the round-stemmed Silent Box switches with its slimmer profile - except of course these fit the square stems of regular Box switches. They’re also 5-pin as opposed to 3, and are supposed to come factory lubed.

Anybody familiar with these and/or know if there’s a simple way to get my hands on some? I saw one guy on reddit asking Kailh about them, but they only confirmed they made them for Archon and never answered if they’d be available in North America.

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