Are all SA keycaps this thick?


I recently wanted to purchase my first SA keycap set. I went with Maxkey foundation from KBDFans. I saw the below image that specifically attracted me to the set.

Are all SA keycaps this thick of double shot? Are they all made it the same material? Thank you for reading :heart:


In some cases even thicker :slight_smile:

This is a Devlin K-Series Aurora pictured, which is admittedly a bit extreme:


Maxkeys is comparable to signature plastic in terms of thickness


There is no technical reason why they need to be so thick, but yes every ABS SA keycap I have ever seen is that thick.

There are some PBT SA keycap sets out there which are thinner; you might see it sold by KPRepublic, KBDFans, or a vendor on Aliexpress, or on Massdrop under the brand name Winmix.