Are Non-Branded PBT Keycaps Good Buys?

Hello keyboard friends.

I’m contemplating of replacing the ABS OEM profile keycaps (the light sees through the letters and numbers of keycaps) on the Royal Kludge RK98 (it’s pretty cool for the price) coz’ I’d like to try a wider surfaced keycap that a bit lower than OEM or Cherry profile.

This is not a branded GMK it seems but would this be a good buy even though it’s not a brand name (correct me if I’m wrong if this is not XDA) or it won’t change the experience much from the RK98’s ABS OEM profile keycaps. It’s dye sub. It’s about US$16. These keycaps the letters don’t let the let the light shine through it (it’ll only be lighted on the sides- is that bad or good?):

Thank you in advance.
God bless us, belated happy new year & merry Christmas.

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you get what you buy, im assuming these are cheap but i cant really tell cuz idk that currency or its value but they work and wont break your board or anything. ive seen people use these caps before

Edit: nvm im dumb i didnt see the USD price


Those are MA profile, so they will look and feel different from the OEM profile keycaps. More rounded overall. But they should be alright for what you pay. They are just PBT Dyesubs. I wouldn’t count on the Legends being consistent or sharp and it will most probably have some warped keycaps as well (PBT warps really easy when molding/cooling off and most cheaper sets have almost no quality control, so you get what you pay) but at least they are cheap and not direct clones off of someones community design.


Hi thanks for the replies.

They’re about US$16

I wonder if this’ll be worth replaced the OEM ABS keyboard of the Royal Kludge RK98? I like a wider flatter, lower keycap surface (as close to a chicklet like laptop keycaps which are wide but I don’t want it low profile, I still want the travel). I guess they’re not XDA but MA profile (as mentioned by venta).

Hi, thanks for the reply. These are MA profiles, I think those are higher than OEMs? That’s unfortunate, I wish they were XDA, I like it flat with no curvature even and a bit low.

This version seems to be XDA same price but it’s not in a online shopping platform it’s independent like a Craigslist (but has good rating, 5 stars):

Unless you’re just not fond of the profile (each row is of identical height, and each key has a fairly wide top), PBT XDA, clones or not, will pretty much always feel and sound better than the stock keycaps from Redragon, Royal Kludge, E-Yooso, etc. Those budget pre-builts will pretty much always use very cheap and thin ABS; it’s one of the areas where corners are most visibly cut. Because the XDA are uniform height and almost never double-shot, the blanks can be thick and sturdy while still being very cheap.


Oops - MA, not EMA - IIRC MA is pretty similar to XDA being uniform and nearly-flat with a very slight spherical scoop.

EMA is the row-sculpted version, which I have photos of in this post - MA won’t be as tall or have the same tilt, but the top surfaces should have a comparably mild scoop:


Interesting (cool site) new profile MDA, EMA. I wish there was a perfectly flat keycap like laptop keycaps but are tall and not low profile. I like the surface as broad as possible.

Which is your favorite profile then nowadays, MDA or EMA?

G20 from Signature Plastics might be close.

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Thanks I’ve heard about the rare G20 profile, is there a second place profile close to it (wide surface) but sculpted (Cherry height maybe, it has to be lower than OEM)?

Hi, while canvassing for keycaps, although I planned to buy a G20 profile (impossible to find and even if I did, the choices are limited for sure) or Magic Keyboard 2 but non-low profile (between the height of an OEM and a Cherry) or close to them but out of nowhere I came across this I very cool keycap (no brand) which I had to buy. I had to buy this Little Prince keycap which is compatible to up to full-sized keyboards (and some TKLs/80% which have three keys like a Mac keyboard below the right shift which may have the longest spacebars for some reason, longer than 100%/full-size), coz’ it’s a classic, it’s uncommon and, it’s Le Petit in France, it’s France’s national fiction story, a classic. The Little Prince is celebrated in France (even the high-end Mont Blanc made an expensive fountain pen based on it). It’s one of my favorite books (reminds me of a humble holy child Jesus and Mother Mother) growing up. It does look like it’s for a kindergarten but The Little Prince is a classic for all ages. It’s PBT, dye sub legends and graphics (though I have to check with you Keebtalk friends if it’s true dye sub coz’ it’s first time I’ve had a PBT and a dye sub at that, if you could examine the macro shot w/ an adhoc macro lens that wasn’t compatible with the iPhone’s “360°” protection case at the bottom) which is about US$20.21 (had to do a lot of advanced techniques with the price search filters to find this deal, it’s way higher in other online stores, about ). It’s the closest to each key (101 keys) being an artisan key (2D/just printed: laser or dye sub artisan keycaps that is- I wonder what an all 3D artisan would look like and would it be efficient to type in?), I thought.

The shorter spacebar (the tolerance on the stems may be amiss or it may be the RK98’s stem’s slightly not for this PBT spacebar- which one could it be) is sticking though on the Royal Kludge RK98 but if I invert it it’s fine (what’s the fix for that? I did lube the stabilizer stem and pillars and the spacebar’s stems inside and outside with a light regular food-grade silicone grease used plumbing and faucet, I hope that’s safe grease to use) but the graphics will be inverted (I will invert it if doesn’t loosen up in a few days which is still enough time to refund it but I wont’t be returning it coz’ it takes a lot of time to change keycaps but it’s for long term years to even a decade+ of use and I can just invert it later, it’s a space theme anyway, things can get inverted, it’s a keeper) though the shorter spacebar with the asteroid graphics isn’t the best in the set, the longer space with The Little Prince and Fox has better graphics but it’s long (none of my full-size keyboard spacebars would fit it and those are bigger than this compacted full-size RK98 keyboard with space between the elements, space between F-keys and the punctuation row, numpad cluster, space on the arrows key which is good for touch typing; no need to look down accidentally pressing 0 instead of the right arrow key- though nothing beats the full size keyboard for fast touch anything but bad for mouse ergonomics, twitch/FPS shooter precision and the arms); it seems strictly for TKL spacebars (not even the full-sized keyboards, even the old big one would fit the length- I now wish I had a TKL and separate branded mechanical numpad and page navigation cluster but the spacebar with The Little Prince’s asteroid graphics is not so bad).

It also has a unique profile, I’m not sure if it’s typo, it’s called MOA, some stores say that the profile is XOA but I think it’s a MOA profile which may be like an XDA which I’ve not tried, it’s not sculpted but the keyboard height adjusted is at the max which is the setup I type more efficiently. The keycap’s height is around Cherry’s, it’s a little shorter than OEM which is perfect. I’m very happy with this PDT dye sub Little Prince, the PBT thickness (upon measuring the PBT’s thickness with the caliper it’s about 1.55 to 1.67mm depending on how steady the the caliper, using the caliper tips but I’m not sure if that’s good thickness for PBT for this price but if it were thicker and heavier, the spacebar’s keyboard switch might not return as fast? Does that happen? More so if you put foam or tape dampening on thick PBT keycaps? Height of the keycaps which are uniformed is 9.60mm which is the middle of OEM & Cherry profile which is the most perfect). PBTs are like food (like candy w/ talc-fine sugar or high-density but still foamy all-natural berries cake which no one maybe makes, until this time…) with it’s feel they’re almost nice to eat especially with some keycap themes X-D and are like a mix of good plastic and natural rubber (I wonder what feels more like a dream: the best PBT or the best ABS? The Royal Kludge RK98 which is this keyboard has textured ABS and feels good already but there’s always something better, had it been not an OEM profile and an XDA, I’d most likely not replaced but- it’s The Little Prince who’s hard to beat, PBT and XDA (wider surface). The sound frequency of the blue switches (I like to feel the click, coz’ anything that’s less than the blue switch feels like a membrane which defeats the purpose coz’ it’s about the feel- although non-blues may be more responsive especially if you smash in an intense match. It’d be nice if someone invented a strongly felt switch click but registers zero decibels- I’m thinking that can only be achieved with noise cancelling speakers with deep learning inside the keyboard and the outside bezels of the keyboard X-D someone should invent) that) the mid to high frequency sound of blue switches, which I don’t mind has become lower which now sound way better with this PBT and MOA profile especially on the spacebar but it’s not a ‘thocc’ or ‘thacc’ which are still noisy, just at lower frequencies. It’s also improved the typing (the surface is wider which is perfect) and the accuracy significantly improved; It now feels like a high-end Royal Kludge now (best sounding name in the business by the way, RK’s got good quality for the price- they’re like the McFarlane Toys, the father of detailed action figures for adults but for keyboards- less price but you get way more, same intentional philosophy as Todd McFarlane) and maybe even a high-end US$777 keyboard now X-D (just a feeling- feeling based) that can also be used to fly the plane on GTA, do the 3D more efficiently in some 3D apps and do a fast price comparison and computation and fast typing of one’s cellphone for log-in, in precision anything (precision flying, like a Hit Box arcade stick), wider keys would be more efficient, coz’ the edges of the keycaps are closer, less travel for the fingers when transitioning which is in milliseconds but every millisecond counts in high intensity, high precision things.

It’s good it looked great with the Royal Kludge RK98’s white bezel like a european navy’s uniform designed by Armani but the RGB-ness of the RGB will be rarely used now for years to come coz’ the best color for this, coz’ it’s dark blue is just the white light (perhaps a yellowish light too) but I do switch between RGB colors and animations to help change the mood (lighting makes the mood), no need to find a galaxy themed vinyl wrap or Little Prince washi tape for the bezels and bottom. The white light (more covered coz’ the profile is wider but it’s means longer battery too coz’ the best setting for the white light is at just 2, which looks just right, it used to be 3 or 4 to 5 max) which also matches with the space theme (like animated stars when it on animated RGB or static stars with the static but that drains the battery more), though no light/RGB OFF ir just lighted by the monitor or a proper computer desk light is also amazing for this type of keycap (they don’t shine through the legends and graphics, It’ll function like a DAZ keyboard in complete darkness with the RGB on coz’ the keys, all 101 will just be black but the keys will be outlined by the RGB if you’re using VR as your monitor X-D and you’re complete darkness which could be a great experience every so often for sure), no light if the keyboard’s light start straining the eyes (usually in total darkness and if the RGB’s set to the white light).

It’s good I’ve mastered the combos on the Royal Kludge RK98 (the brand name must have been inspired by the Royal Oak watch trinity or DC’s Joker family, a group of kludges or the Royal Flush Gang super-villain which are also kludges) for setting the Bluetooth, Mac to Windows and vice versa, profile savings, RGB animation and color, macro keyboard combos which is best done in the software, macro for more ammo in GTA for example and arithmetic symbols, though I used the keycap with a star graphic to in indicate it’s the multiplication key on the numpad cluster but nothing beats a keyboard with dedicated keys (regular shift plus punctuations combo for example or the copy, cut, past 2-key combo) coz’ some functions, assuming all key already have important assignments will not be possible with the Fn combo like the granular volume adjustment in macOS (not a deal-breaker) which is Shift-volume key-Option.

The high-end brand Quinix has The Little Prince/Le Petit themed keyboard and it’s an official one but the graphics on the keycaps aren’t as good as this amazing ‘The Little Prince’ keycap set (even in its dark blue version), it’s sparse and a bit lacking the spirit of The Little Prince but it has better parts for sure and the jelly bezel should fit the space theme better- like a supernova. Both keycaps forgot the volcano character though which is important coz’ that’s where The Little Prince cooks his food X-D (to get to know & experience the charm, humility and that cool vibe from France’s national fictional book and national fictional character, The Little Prince/Le Petit and why it’s France’s national treasure: read the original book (has reprints), watch the 80’s anime which is better than the new ones but the new ones should still be watched. The game that has the spirit of the The Little Prince is another feel good, humble game with a very chill, nice short song- ‘Glider’ (originally exclusive for the amazing Apple Macs).

Thanks, just sharing the journey (God works in mysterious way, the stepping stone was that PBT desire and that Apple themed keyboard but it led to a better one).

God bless, may we all find that keycap set, artisan keycaps (3D is best), keyboard, peripherals, dream chair, room lighting combination that produces those feel good hormones and nostalgia :slight_smile: Revelation 21:4

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The high-end brand Iquinix has a from the ground up France’s National treasure Little Prince keyboard. May the Little Prince be more popular especially with Netflix having created a series (80’ japanese Little Prince anime is epic too):

Iquinix’s Little Prince Keyboard, 75% Layout