Are the modern M0110 PCBs compatible with the original Apple M0110 case?

As an Alps aficionado, I’ve been envious of the vast array of MX switch accessories available. So, I’ve made the decision to embark on a custom MX keyboard build. I’m hoping to retrofit one of my original Apple M0110 cases with a modern M0110’s MX hot-swappable PCB.

Keebox (available on AliExpress) sells an M0110 case with and without the PCB. Vortex, however, doesn’t offer the PCB separately. Are these M0110 clones’ PCBs dimensionally compatible with the original M0110? What issues will I face? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

They’re not really the same size or shape as the originals, so you’d probably have some challenges trying to fit the new PCB in the old case, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. You’d have to have the USB-C cable come out in a different place than the original connector, for example.

The OG M0110 isn’t a standard 60% layout width.

You can always count on Apple to think different just to piss off all who dare mess with their exquisite designs. I guess it will have to be a custom PCB. As for the USB connector, I have a simple rule. Go classic on the looks, modern on the tech.

In this case, (NPI) the PCB USB wires will map directly to the RJ9 female connector on the case. From the case to the computer, you can make a simple female to straight USB cable, or for a more authentic look, you get a dirt cheap USB to ethernet dongle block bridge the wires over inside. You’re certainly won’t get USB-IF Compliance.

The “standard” 60% layout is like 6 years old and the M0110 is from 1984. What.