Are they legit?

Idk if its in the right category dont ban me mods :(((

I was looking at buying some lubed black ink v2s (I’m too lazy to lube :wink:)
And saw loobed had them for 1.43$ per switch. My wallet was hoping to find them cheaper but knew I would probably just come back to loobed. Instead, I found this site called ‘’ selling “hand lubed” black ink v2s for 96¢ a sw
After quick looking around though, I couldn’t find anything about them online. Has anyone ordered from here before?

TLDR: Found a site that sells lubed switches for significantly less ‘’ and was wondering if they are trusted.

Anything helps! :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of them before, but my gut instinct on seeing this website and their social media presence is that they’re probably legit but might not actually be active right now. Probably just a hobbyist that decided to dip their toes into being a vendor last year. Personally, I’d use the site’s contact form to ask if everything is up to date and go for it if they respond.


The mods here are extremely nice and definitely won’t ban you over stuff like that. They may move it to a new category if they feel the need to, but we’re always up for answering questions from people new to the hobby :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I agree with laughmaster. He/She seems to just be another hobbyist wanting to make a few extra bucks in there free time.

If you don’t mind asking around here, I’m pretty sure some people here might be willing lube some switches for you. Definetly at a price, but might be a bit cheaper.

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just seems to be another hobbyist trying to make a few extra bucks

Thanks for the feedback, and that makes sense. I emailed them to see if they are still active.

PS- If you dont mind me asking, how would I go about finding people to lube switches?

Thanks for the input, I shot them a message to see if they are still active :slight_smile:

You might wanna ask around in PM’s to some well-known members around here. One person I have worked with is Deadye, he’s real good in terms of switches, and probably (not 100% sure tho) can lube them for you.

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