Aristotles -> Gatistotles -> Persecution

Just this morning I woke up from my bed, pet my cats, and then went to check the mail. I was greeted to a box in the mail, what was inside that box? My gatistotles I bought from mm, 70 of them too be exact. One problem with them though they were desoldered from the seller and I was gonna use these for a hotswap build, so I will have to buy new housing (I was going to anyways) . Now onto the topic, Since I was gonna change the housing anyways, I might as well put in some o rings and jailhouse the aristotle stem and lube the sliders and spring and then put them in a milky top and black bottom gateron switch, once I get this all done I will then make (what I call) the persecution switch, what is this switch? Well it calls for an aristotle stem, milky top housing, bottom housing of your choice, a spacer to put in between the click jacket, and if you want you can put films in them and lube them, what do I call them? Persecution, I chose this name because in old greece they persecuted philosophers like aristotle (Jail + Philospher(Aristotle) = Persecution). TL;DR, milky top + any bottom housing + aristotle stem = A franken switch I called ‘Persecution’.


Sounds like a pretty good switch. I don’t believe Aristotles have click-jackets though, I think it is all the stem legs. One less thing to worry about… which is good!


That’s weird, my aristotle stem came with a click jacket and i have seen others with click jackets too. maybe the one in the picture was a fake or someone made a mould of it without the click jacket

i just realized actually that hose are real aristotle stems, but what is weird is that the click jacket rests in between the rail of the stem making it so that the click jacket only consists of the legs.

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Wow! Learned something new, I was thinking they did not have jackets.

The one in the picture is a Phoenix it looks like, which is supposed to be a modern clone of the Aristotle stem since Aristotle stems are no longer produced.