ARM vs Atmel PCBs

I’m going to need a 60% PCB, and CannonKeys has a preorder for the AN-C PCB, which has an ARM processor, as opposed to the Atmel chip on the DZ60. Both support the layout I want. What are the pros and cons of ARM vs ATmega?


Pretty much only pros. Faster, more flash (32k vs 128k typically). More pins. Costs less than AVR.

But aren’t there problems with RGB not working if it’s plugged in while the computer is on with ARM?

That sounds like a firmware problem

I’ve never used an ARM PCB myself, but I heard on discord that they were more problematic than Atmel PCBs.

There are definitely immaturity issues with ARM, but they are slowly been worked through. The big ones are split keyboard support in QMK and RGB underglow being in the main repo, right now it’s only in a branch, but there are various production keyboards with RGB and ARM - HS60v2, instant60, an-c and the new NK65, so it’s definitely possible.

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But despite the issues, would you say that ARM PCBs are objectively better than Atmel PCBs?

For me personally yes. The flash space alone and the ability to run more complex feature sets makes it worth it.

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