Artifact Bloom keycaps review

I’ve seen these $45 Cherry-profile, dyesub PBT keycaps mentioned here on KeebTalk before, but I thought I’d share my in-depth thoughts on them (including comparisons to EnjoyPBT and CRP).

As usual, feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the keycaps or feedback on the review!


Top notch keyset review. Enjoyed all the details you’ve added carefully. I prefer PBT over ABS so reviews like this is much appreciated.


Very informative and succinct write-up :clap:

Weird about the R2 texture issue.

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have a set of the “vintage” colorway and can attest to the r2 1u keycap texture issue as well.


Great keycap review! Really enjoy reading your long-form reviews, starting with the NK65 and HHKB


Thank you! Hoping to do more of these to improve the knowledge base on keycap options besides GMK and EnjoyPBT.


Thank you! What’s even weirder is that the GMK set I got from Drop (Mitolet) has a different texture on all of the R2 1U keys as well. I wonder if the GMK factory has a different production line / set of machines that they use for Drop specifically.

I dont think so, afaik metaverse r2, gmk zhuyin also had that issue. Those are the sets I own with the same issue so I think it is a gmk issue. Honestly dissapointing and no idea why this was not caught by qc on their end.

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Ah, interesting – I hope GMK quality doesn’t completely tank by the time the current group buys ship!

I also wonder what it is about Cherry-profile molds that makes the R2 prone to these texture inconsistencies.

Thank you! I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Until you said that the upper row of letters was a little rough, I didn’t notice. I completely agree with the rest. I liked them. I have mt3 abs, in mt3 pbt, as well as garbage with aliexpress SA, oem, cherry.

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Welcome to KeebTalk! What’s your preference between ABS MT3 and PBT MT3?

I like all MT3s. I have two Claudia. change as wallpaper on the desktop. But the sound of the abs is better, the space button is pleasant to the touch. And the PBT has a very rough coating, the buttons feel better with touch typing.

I had the same issue with R2 on Milolet, so strange.

This is a nice succinct review with some great context and recommendations.

I have the black on white set. I didn’t notice the slight magenta ring but I’m sure I won’t be able to un-see it once I look again!

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GMK may be on the upswing, as it has been producing new molds.

You mention the ‘next set,’ and I think the next big one is Modern Dolch R2.

GMK says they are using the new molds for Modern Dolch R2, and may even present photos of the new molds in use with MoDo R2. Makes sense, as you’d want to get your ducks in a row before producing what may be the largest GB.


Thanks for this detailed review. It’s helpful, as I own Artifact Bloom: Vintage, but haven’t tried it yet.

You mention that the keycaps sit about 1mm higher than Cherry/GMK, as seen with many Cherry-inspired manufacturers such as EnjoyPBT.

Can someone tell me if this means that they won’t conflict with keyboards with the upside-down switch-orientation?

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Great review. I’m a huge fan of these keycaps. I probably own 10 sets of them now by now. I’m hoping Drop continues to expand colors, and compatibility.


They need to add kits to enhance their existing sets.

The review makes it clear that the 9009 set is underwhelming in terms of its accents.

So there should be an Accent Pak for the “futures” set, as well as all the other GMK-inspired ones.


Very good read and informative.

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