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Introducing to you the Balls of Dragon collection called Metal. The reason they are so named is because the base is cold casting technology applied to the product. It is a combination of iron metal and resin, then using complex surface treatment techniques to give them the light and effect of metal.
Physically, they have the same mass as an iron metal keycap, which can attract magnets and rust like a common iron metal.
Chemically, they are a combination of iron and resin through cold casting, which is different from heating the metal to the melting point and hot casting, so this is the difference between the two ways of casting the product.

Hope you enjoy this collection from us.

- Specifications:

1. Ball Of Dragon:
● Sculpt: DB - Rock mountain ● Material: Resin, Fe ● Colorway: Metal
● Ability to cross the led: yes ● Stem: Cherry MX
● Price: $30/1 Keycap - 210$/set 7caps.

2. Shenron:
● Sculpt: Shenron
● Material: Resin, Fe ● Colorway: Metal
● Ability to cross the led: No ● Stem: Cherry MX
● Price: $0 - You can call Shenron when you collect all 7 Dragon Balls.

  • All keycaps are cast cold cast 100%

The package when you receive it will include:

  • Keycap x1
  • Namecard x1
  • Sticker x2
  • Certificate of Authenticity x1
  • 1 box.
  • The package (set 7 balls) when you receive it will include :
  • Keycap x 7 balls
  • Keycap x 1 Shenron
  • Namecard x8
  • Sticker x16
  • Certificate of Authenticity x8
  • 2 box.
  • GB time: 04/26/2023 - 05/07/2023
  • Expected delivery time: 2 month - If the quantity is bigger than expected, we will repeat 2 weeks.
  • International shipping: + Viet Nam (0$)
  • International shipping (15$)
  • Payments With Paypal.

Any questions please contact:Email: Luongthuongnguyen@gmail.com

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Thank you for your interest.