[Artisan] Infinity Gauntlet Fre-order

Hi everyone,

Waiting for the final part of Infinity War: The End. So I reproduced the image Thanos brought Infinity Gauntlet to attack Iron Man with 5 colors as follows:

  • Infinity gauntlet - Gold - 49$

  • Infinity gauntlet - Metal - 49$

  • Infinity gauntlet - Rust Gold - 49$

  • Infinity gauntlet - War and blood : Simulate the stage when Iron Man was injured and lost half of the mask. - 52$

  • Infinity gauntlet - Classic - 55$.

Form order: https://goo.gl/forms/umZc9QiT1VAofGjw2

Album: https://imgur.com/a/1EjTUl7

Infinity Gauntlet is crafted by the blacksmith Eitri of the dwarf who lives on the planet Nidavellir , and also the maker of Stormbreaker hammer. However on earth, you can also possess them without having to go to Nidavellir planet, just order and pay, they will be manufactured and sent to you by The Eye Key :slight_smile: .

I wish you a happy new year and will have this unique keycaps in hand so you can look forward to the final episode of Infinity War in April this year. Thank you so much!


Hello, is it possible to still order one of these?