Artisan tray suggestions

My artisan collection is growing to the point where I need a way to keep up with and organize my artisans. I think I own 10-12 artisans now, and I’m worried that I’ll stick one somewhere that I’ll never find it again. :rofl:

So… does anyone have recommendations for storage?

I saw this, which seems nice to me, although I don’t usually go for the stacked acrylic builds. The 5x7 looks nice:

I don’t see my collection growing a lot over the years, so I think a single tray should last me a while.

Got any links to post?

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Drop has this one from Evil:

I picked up until my Thok artisan trays come in.

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I like it. Simple and affordable.

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Has anyone tried 3d printing storage trays? I see some plans available here and there and my brother-in-law does a lot of printing.

These trays are simply magnificent. They combine functionality, style and craftsmanship to the highest level. When I first saw them, I was struck by their elegance and thoughtful design. They were perfect for displaying and organizing my collection of artesian keys. What particularly impressed me was the variety of sizes and shapes of the trays. Because of this, I can easily place any key inside and be assured that it will be securely protected and displayed in all its glory. Whether the key has an irregular shape or size, these trays have a solution for every situation.

I still don’t have anything housing my artisans other than a 3d printed tray my brother-in-law printed for me. It does the job.

I did, however, just see this one on KBDFans. It’s lovely for the price.

What do you guys think of it?

I saw the wood base earlier on that artisan tray and the wavy design speaks to me.

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