ASA Profile Keycaps

Epomaker is pushing their new ASA profile pretty hard with a whole slew of sets landing last month.

They look really great at first blush - sadly, they have gone into full Aliexpress mode and copied most color ways. Their Carbon rip off looks amazing compared to previous efforts at ripping off carbon. Would have been better if they debuted with some unique color ways.


Are these fairly similar to KAT profile?

So basically a spherical OEM it looks like. Not something that particularly interests me, but it’s always nice to see a new keycap profile pop up!


Yeah, seems unfortunately common for Epomaker/AKKO. Stinks real bad since the profile seems like it would have legs on its own.


I think KAT is slightly shorter iirc.

Nice ASA height comparison posted on reddit:

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Too bad available ASA keysets don’t fully cover Tsangan layout.

There’s a new ASA keycap set called Akko Midnight (based off ePBT Miami Nights?) that includes Tsangan compatibility


I don’t know what’s popular in China, but a simple research would have stated that the people prefer cherry profile and not SA,

It appears to be missing 1U backslash key.

These keycaps set off quite a discussion elsewhere about the morality etc… of these clone sets. Many people are getting impatient waiting 2 years for a GMK set, and want more sets like this.

I looked at the pricing of the AKKO clone sets, and they’re often around $87 CAD. Personally, I’d want it to go to $60 shipped to be considered a real deal in place of a real GMK set.

The profile looks interesting, I don’t mind OEM and this will be thockier.


I ordered Akko Laser months before Drop announced the rolling weekly availability of GMK Laser. Knowing now that I could get a GMK set at non r/mm costs, would I still have bought the Akko version? It depends. If I were building a keyboard for a typical kid-aged user (fickle, not particularly careful or conscientious about belongings), I would prefer affordable and replaceable sets.

Sucks that the CAD price is $10 USD more–Akko’s US Amazon storefront has both ASA and their Cherry profile caps for $59.99 USD.

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