[AU] [H] Norbauer Heavy Grail Sunset Blvd - fully built with resin HiPros [W] $975 PayPal shipped worldwide

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/W5vC69D

$975 USD shipped worldwide including insurance

Built with the following:

  • Pro 2 PCB w/ Jels USB-C QMK/Via daughterboard
  • Purple sliders
  • 30g OEM domes
  • Blizzardmods resin HiPro in white/yellow

Subtract 75 USD if you don’t want the keycaps, can throw in some beige blank kbdfans caps for free.

800 USD shipped if you just want the HG unbuilt.

Board is in great condition with no flaws, can ship in original box or I can ship in a Coldtop Topre mechfashion sleeve.

Slight discount if in Australia due to reduced shipping cost.

Keycaps not individually for sale.

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