Audio/Video Equipment Discussion for Video Production and Streaming

I do a good amount of video stuff for keyboards, and I’ve never really had a concise place to list out everything I’m currently using, and the different paths of upgrade I’m looking at. So here it is.


Primary Camera:

Panasonic Lumix G7

Usage: Primary shooter for videos. Overhead cam on Keyboard Chores videos

Lens 1:

Stock 14-44mm

Usage: Keyboard Chores and general use

Lens 2:

Panasonic Lumix G Lens,
25mm F1.7

Usage: Keyboard Photography (all of that bokeh), and some minor video work

Lens 3:

Fotasy M3517 35mm F1.7 Fixed Lens

Usage: Not much yet, still adapting to finding the right situations for this lens. Suggestions?

Camera 2:

Logitech Brio 4

Usage: Face camera for the live show and keyboard chores.

Microphone 1:

Plugable Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Usage: Voice over, live stream microphone

Microphone 2:

Rode VideoMicro

Usage: Typing sounds, ambient sounds

Microphone 3:

PowerDeWise Lavalier Lapel Mic

Usage: live stream mic 2, A-roll microphone


Other Gear

HD Capture Card:

Elgato HD60 S

Usage: Livestream Primary Camera Capture


AmazonBasics 50” Tripod

Usage: it’s a tripod. I’m cheap. I know I need to improve this one of these days.

Tripod Head:

Pergear Tripod Ball Head

Usage: On the overhead camera platform. Not actually used on the tripod.

LED Lighting:


Usage: This is what you see blinding you on my facecam during night time Keyboard Chores. I usually have this mounted directly on my camera. I don’t have this mounted on the side because it would cast shadows, but getting another one with probably solve that.

Overhead Platform:

Glide Gear OH100

Usage: This is the platform I use for my keyboard chores when I’m working on a keyboard or just about anything on my desk. I like the overhead view it provides. I also use this angle to record my typing sounds with my microphone located the height away that a person would be sitting from the keyboard (except directly above and not a bit to the side)


Neewer 23” Slider

Usage: Camera Slider for sideways pan shots

3-axis Gimbal:

FeiyuTech a1000

Usage: B-roll footage



I can go over OBS settings in another post, but I hope this was helpful for anyone who was wondering what kind of gear I use to make my videos.

I am personally always looking for recommendations for paths of improvement for my streaming and video production quality. I think the current weakest point in my setup is my audio recording. The Videomicro is cute, but won’t help do any heavy lifting if I want to capture better sounds (unless I want to attach it to a boom arm and hire someone to hold it over the subject all day long).

If you have any comments, suggestions, or recommendations on my gear I would highly appreciate it!

Please feel free to post your own gear as well :slight_smile:


Most of my gear can be found on Amazon as well!

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I’m just gonna be a derp and revive a 2 year old topic, but this is relevant:

Shure with a new mic, the MV7. Inspired by the popular SM7M (commonly known as the mic most podcasters have), but at half the price :thinking:

Thanks for posting this. You would vouch for it?

I know someone who is looking for a professional-grade mic for podcasting for their small business.

Can’t vouch for it just yet. I only found out about it the other day and put my order in yesterday :smiley:

I’ll know more later this week/weekend, but from all the reviews I’ve seen, it’s a pretty solid option as a budget SM7B for many people.