Austin, TX Fall Meetup - September 28th, 2019 @ Spiceworks US Office

Hey Keebtalk!

I posted an Interest Check trying to find out when would be the best time to have a Austin Meetup and based on your feedback and the venues schedule we are holding it on September 28th, 2019 from 4pm-10pm at Spiceworks US Office! In 8 days I was able to get 62 responses so there seems to be a bigger demand than the last Austin meetup! Shoutout to /u/ch4nch4n for getting me the hookup with Spiceworks! Official Meetup Designs have been finalized. Come talk about keyboards and win some prizes with your fellow enthusiasts! We should have plenty of room in the event center to show off your latest builds or coolest vintage keyboards.

Spiceworks US Office: 3700 N Capital of Texas Hwy #100, Austin, TX 78746

September 28th, 2019 from 4pm till 10pm

Doors open at 4pm (Please sign in at the front to be added for the giveaways)

Giveaways will start at 8pm and will just keep running until they are all called out.

Meetup Ends at 10pm

Drinks afterwords at a bar close by

Meetup Deskpads will cost $20 (Payment forms are Cash on hand and Paypal/Venmo)

To stay update on new info pertaining to this meetup I will be updating this post along with posting updates first on the Texas Mechanical Keyboards Discord


There will be a sign in google form at the meetup, you must sign in with your real name and have some form of ID for the giveaways!!!

Here are the sponsors so far:

These deskpads have been finalized and are being made for the meetup! The deskpads will be for sale at the meetup for $20. Once all 45 have been sold out that will be it! We will have stickers with the deskpad image on them too!


should be fun, let’s goooo

Awesome! Looking forward to it!