Avast marking keebtalk as a phishing site

For a long time I wasn’t able to visit keebtalk because Avast was marking it as a phishing site, and only yesterday I found their form to report false positives. It’s good to be back (for a while). :slight_smile:


I mean, it can definitely be a site that causes you to lose large sums of money from your bank account :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome back for good, I hope!


Well, using Avast in the first place is the bigger problem :smiley:

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All those anti-virus software are outdated this days, from what I’ve seen often those anti-virus software acts as a malicious program themselves, blocking stuff and denying the user from disabling them or removing them.

Seems like the consensus this days is to only have the Windows Defender (if you’re using Windows) and just be careful.


Dedicated antivirus still has its place. There are a few like Kaspersky and McAfee that definitely are more harm than help but I wouldn’t write them off as a whole. Of course, a good sense for dangerous downloads is the best antivirus out there but there are tons of people who don’t have this and many of us who do learned the hard way.

That said, windows defender is generally good enough at blocking malicious executables. It’s not good at cleanup though so I generally recommend having Malwarebytes handy in case something gets through. Anything more than that is generally more of an enterprise solution for when you need to manage a lot of computers.


Delete Avast, use Windows Defender and only if there is a serious problem that it can´t fix, get Malwarebytes.