Avatar next to a topic

Whats striking me most annoying about the layout at the moment is the avatars shown next to a topic is not the thread starter, but the latest comment.
This is extremely annoying when you see a topic saying ‘hi my name is xxxx’ and you see someone else’s avatar.


I’d actually agree with that one, it’s a little confusing, seconded.

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Do you mean this:

The left most avatar is the original poster and the right most is the recent poster.

I think this view is not available on Mobile, which is where you are absolutely correct.

Yeah, on the mobile site it only show the latest user commented, it’s annoying :triumph:

No this is what i mean, and this is on desktop

Ya in cat view and mobile it’s quite annoying. Would also like the thread starters name to show as a small byline and it would resolve the issue

From Jeff Atwood: “This is by design… When there is only room for one avatar in the topic list (as in mobile), the last person to talk in that topic is the correct avatar to show for the topic, otherwise a topic with 5000 replies would show the same avatar for months.”

I agree it can be confusing at first, but just takes a bit of adjustment in one’s thinking about what the avatar represents. Just remember that almost all the design decisions in Discourse were intentionally made to keep people engaged and to encourage (positive) interactions with each other. The avatars indicate thread activity, not per se thread “ownership.”

@lekashman I mentioned this the other day, can it be fixed or is this just a fact of Discourse

I am a big fan of the way this works on Discourse, the topic starter is not really that relevant of information I feel. Or rather, it’s something you just need to know once and then you’ll probably remember for the given topic.