Axial Accom AXCP-1 Editing Station

I found this beauty on ebay and was able to score it for just shy of $100 shipped!

The case is all metal which makes this a sizeable and heavy beast.

We have some Cherry MX black switches as well as some Cherry M8 Keycaps. This is going to be a very fun project board to clean and restore! These mx blacks are really really well used and some of the absolute smoothest linears I’ve ever used!



Although I prefer compact keyboards the appeal of this monster is undeniable!

Hi there. Just found an Axial of my own and I’m curious if you made any progress in making yours usable? Thank you for your time :pray::blush:

Unfortunately not in the way as intended.

I was able to contact the new company who owns all of the editintg stations and whatnot now and essentially the keyboard won’t work unless it has the power supply and is plugged into the actual compute station. With just the keyboard editing station alone, it’s a big hunk of metal. I will end up salvaging the switches and keycaps from mine because it’s ultimately just too large to sit around unused collecting dust lol.

Do you still have this in one piece, @Manofinterests ? :slight_smile: I’d like to try to get it going if so.