Backlit keycap display case

I am looking for a way to display a few of my favorite artisans, with proper backlighting to show them off. So for I’ve only found two good display mounting cases:

  1. KP Republic’s amazing JL Box aluminum case. Sadly sold out after group buy.

  2. Mechanical Keyboard’s wooden case.

The MK one is pretty good, though the LEDs are white-only and need a little modding to diffuse more evenly around the keycaps. Not sure exactly how I’m going to do that; I’ll probably try a little aluminum foil and possibly an acrylic lens.

Are they any other backlit cases available? In the absence of any, I’m thinking of playing around with combining an acrylic display case and and LED pedestal like the ones you’d see in a shop display.

I’m not big into artisans and a week late to your question, but would a simple macro pad with per-key RGB and some translucent switches be an option that could work for displaying your collection? With QMK, you could program different RGB settings per artisan to provide the ideal lighting intensity, color, and hue.

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Hmmm. A macro pad might work. I hadn’t tried one based on my experience with larger keyboards where the PCB typically attempts to negotiate a USB data connection before powering the LEDs. But a macro pad may not be as needy and might power the LEDs with a simple USB charging connection. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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Honestly not sure if that would work or not; I had assumed you would be displaying them on/near your desk so there would be a computer nearby.