Ball Bearing Blue Switch Review

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For the third consecutive full length switch review in a row, I’m excited to bring you new and unique designs within the traditional MX-style switch footprint. Unlike the Tecsee Honey Peaches and Gateron Melodics before this one, though, the Ball Bearing Blue switches are an incredibly interesting design that you absolutely won’t want to miss the deep dive on…

Article: Ball Bearing Blue Switch Review — ThereminGoat's Switches
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As always, thank you all for the continued love, support, and patience in getting these full length reviews out. It’s crazy to think that we’ve had three switches in the last two months that are so different in their execution that they absolutely had to be covered in a full length review as such to be truly appreciated. It makes me really wonder what’s in store for us for the rest of 2024…

Goat :goat:


Awesome review as always Goat! Sounds like I need to pick some of these (or a similar variant) up!

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Heard of them and was thinking that those balls were a gimmick…
To my surprise it is not, and looks to be a very interestiong switch to acquire.


This was my big hesitation on them as well, definitely a little surprised to find out they are not only not a gimmick but also seem to positively influence the feel of the switches!


Somebody needs to walk across a floor of legos for making blues that aren’t clicky.

Sounds like they’re nice though, and if the trackball community is any indication, comparing and replacing the bearing balls could become a rabbit hole all its own.


25/25 wobble?! Is that a first?! Sign me up, Chief.


I was literally thinking earlier, ooh, I hope Goat reviews those ball bearing switches

Yes, this is a first.
And that makes those switches very interesting.

There was a missed opportunity somewhere to use the phrase “blue balls” when naming the switch


:rofl: true…