Basic Keycaps?

Hey keebtalk, are there any cheap basic black on white, white on black, keycaps that were of relatively good quality? Or what should I be looking to avoid?

Are you looking for a particular keycap profile?

Also, do you have a target budget?

No target budget, I just want some mid range quality and priced caps, no needed profile either.

Hmm, Well, I’ve been really happy, with the EnjoyPBT ABS BoW keycpas, that I’ve been using. they were about $80 USD a set shipped. I believe they can be had in a WoB option.

If you look at the List of Keyboard Retailers / Shops / Stores / Vendors? - #98 by ajoflo post, @ajoflo has set it up, so that their are keywords under the merch column. There are quite a few retailers that sell keycaps. You’ll have to check to see what’s available. :slight_smile:


Not sure when they’ll be back in stock (or if they’ll be back in stock), but the NK options for BoW were decent

There are also options such as the EpBT ABS BoW @CosmicKira mentioned.

Dorp Drop also lists GMK BoW quite frequently at an acceptable price


HK Gaming has some well reviewed sets. They have 9009, and a few other “classic” colorways.

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I’d recommend anyone from buying from HKGaming. They’re dicks…

Open full album for full conversation.


I’m glad you made me aware of that a week or two ago before I bought overpriced PCBs from them. : p

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Yikes, noted. And I guess HK Gaming is actually EU gaming? Lol

Dorp’s MT3 BoW & WoB

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I have my eye on these Mistel pbt oem double shots for 45 bux on Amazon. They come in black on white or white on black, and look very well made. They come with additional keys, but you have to look at a customer review for a pic of them all. I want them for a 96%, and this set is only missing the small zero.

If you prefer Cherry profile and more custom keys, novelkeys sells these white on black for 50


Ugh just saw this and now very much regret buying from them.