Baudouin here!

hello keebtalk community. I’'m a writer hailing from Brussels. I need/want as less friction as possible between the words on my mind and the words on the screen/page. I use fountain pens for the words on paper and just switch from a noisy Cherry MX Blue back to Cherry MX Red that I will lube at some point.

Looking forward to sharing and learning !


Welcome. I’m pretty new here, but this has been a really welcoming community.

My only inked fountain pen right now is my “Special alloy” (i.e. steel) nib Vanishing Point, but my FP collecting predates my keyboards by many years. I’m sure there are other fountain pen folks here, and my wife actually asked me the other day, “why aren’t you into typewriters?”

Finally, may I introduce you to our Lord and Savior Kailh Box Navy?!?!?! :rofl:

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Hello and welcome!



what’s your favorite pen/ink/paper atm @baudouin

Pen : Lamy 2000, Kaweco Brass
Ink : Herbin Perle noire, Pilot hiroshizuki
Paper : Rhodia, Clairefontaine



Herbin Perle noire

Same. Best black ink I’ve ever used.