Bay Area (NorCal) Meetup November 2019

Hello everyone, Manofinterests here and I have an announcement to make. It’s getting close to that time again for the Northern California Mechanical Keyboard Meetup! So I have some details and some notes to share with you all.

First the date. The date I have selected for the event will be Saturday November 9th 2019 which hopefully isn’t too close to Thanksgiving for most people. That monday the 11th is Veterans day which might be a holiday for some. Hopefully this will make traveling as well as weekend plans a bit easier for some people. The time is still TBD. I’m debating if it should be pushed to start a bit later, or keep the earlier (10AM) start time.


Currently for the venue we’re talking with the same venue as last year which was the Mosaic in Downtown San Jose. Due to a good working relationship and acceptable pricing, we wouldn’t mind continuing our relationship with them. This time I want to work a bit more closely with them to set up more tables and organize the space a bit more efficiently.

With all of that in mind, we still wouldn’t mind suggestions and recommendations for venues in the Bay Area with comparable or a greater amount of space. If anyone has any recommendations or suggestions, they’re welcome to PM me.


For those of you who weren’t there last year, the Mosaic is half indoors and half outdoors. It’ll be great to take advantage of the nice Bay Area fall weather to enjoy some keyboards. The bar will be open for those of age to enjoy themselves responsibly. Last year we had approximately 400 attendees which was extremely fun, albeit a bit tight at times. Coffee and water will be provided at the meetup as well as light snacks (until they run out). Of course this is all subject to change if we do move to another venue.

Since it’s getting closer to November before we know it, my current priority it to have everything locked down by the end of the month for a venue, so if anyone has any suggestions, the sooner I hear about them the better.

Sponsors & More:

If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, please fill out this form and I will be reaching out to you.

If you’re interested in volunteering, feel free to join the CA Meetup Discord to keep up with announcements.

If you’re planning on attending and possibly looking for information about nearby travel, food, hotels, touristy stuff, and etc, consider joining the CA Meetup Discord where I’ll also be posting updates about the meetup.

I’ll also be keeping this thread updated as we go along!


Will be traveling up with my brother! Looking forward to meeting some folks in person :smiley:

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I ought to be around and could maybe volunteer, I live almost walking distance from Mosaic now.

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Amazingly doesn’t conflict with my cross country race schedule! See you there :slight_smile:


Maybe if I stopped buying so many keyboard things I could afford to go to a meetup like this :thinking:

We’ll see what things look like then but it sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

Awesome! I just moved back to the Bay Area and can’t wait to do my first mechanical keyboard meetup!

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