Bay Area (NorCal) Meetup November 2019

Official Meetup Post:

Hello everyone, Manofinterests here and I have an announcement to make. It’s getting close to that time again for the Northern California Mechanical Keyboard Meetup! So I have some details and some notes to share with you all. I hope to see you all this weekend :slight_smile:

If you want to keep up to date with any and all information, there is a California Meetup Discord:

Meetup Details:


San Jose Mosaic
211 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113


November 9th 2019




$10/person; cash or paypal in person is accepted. (sorry, no card reader)

Your ticket is also a drink ticket for 1 free drink (alchoholic or non alcoholic) at the bar.


Q: Do I need to RSVP?

Nope. Feel free to show up whenever!

Q: Why $10 ticket? It was free last year!

The $10 ticket price is unfortunately a necessity to avoid the financial situation of last year. Last year, the meetup lost a significant amount of money due to overestimating the purchase amount of items at the bar. I want to make sure that I am able to pay for the venue. Any leftover funds will be invested into future meetups.

Q: Hello, I like to help sponsor this event.

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Q: Hello, I’d like to help volunteer at this event

Join the discord for updates


The venue is half indoors and half outdoors. Hopefully we’ll have some splendid weather like we did last year that we can all bask in while enjoying keyboards. The bar will be open for those of age to who want to enjoy themselves responsibly (They also have alcohol free drinks. Enjoy a Shirley Temple too!). Coffee and water will be provided at the meetup until we run out. Last year we ran out of tables which I want to avoid, so we’ll have more table this year!

Feel free to let me know in the comments any questions you may have and I hope to see you on November 9th with the best of your keyboards.

Here are some pictures from @Nebulant to hype you up:




Ryan Norbauer - Attending

Dixie mech - Sponsoring, but unable to attend - Attending - Attending - Attending

Keycult - Attending

Clueboard - Attending

WASDkeyboards - Attending

PFU Fujitsu - Attending - Attending

Laserboost - Sponsoring, but unable to attend


Other Guests

Mechs on Deck - Keyboard Talk Show

Olivia - Designer of GMK Olivia & GMK Olive

Nathan Kim - TaehaTypes


Will be traveling up with my brother! Looking forward to meeting some folks in person :smiley:

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I ought to be around and could maybe volunteer, I live almost walking distance from Mosaic now.

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Amazingly doesn’t conflict with my cross country race schedule! See you there :slight_smile:


Maybe if I stopped buying so many keyboard things I could afford to go to a meetup like this :thinking:

We’ll see what things look like then but it sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

Awesome! I just moved back to the Bay Area and can’t wait to do my first mechanical keyboard meetup!


This is great. I just started getting into this hobby and am looking forward to going to this. Will keyboards be available for purchase at the event?

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Some people will sell boards at the meetup; so keep your eyes peeled

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It’d be nice if there was a drop bucket of sort for items people have but don’t have any plans to use or sell, like ‘keycap-cracker’ Box switches and Halo housings. I’m assuming there are others like me too lazy to sell anything via ebay or r/mm.

Anything of decent value can be raffled off and the rest can be added to free or trade buckets.

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last year I gave away all my old switch parts and 10 pounds of PMK grab-bags, they all ended up going to happy homes. Massdrop also had a giant tub of keycaps that people spent a ton of time sorting through


I had to rearrange some travel plans to attend, but I’m very much looking forward to this!

Thanks, as always, for organizing @Manofinterests; it’s a ton of work, and I hope everyone appreciates how much you put into it; I certainly do. :+1:

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Edited OP

Btw, I’m hoping to have stickers and keycaps made for all attendees :slight_smile:


I’ll be there!
Will also have various Silo switch prototypes (including beam spring switches).


Bumping this up!

REMEMBER! The meetup is this coming weekend! Hope to see you there!


I didn’t realize it was this weekend and will be out of town this year… :pensive:

Really looking forward to it.


I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there too. Looking forward to meeting all you good peeps


Dang everyone is going. I met some cool people the last few years, see y’all in 2020 I guess.

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