Been out of the community for a while, what's new?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been out of touch from the community for quite a while, so I was naturally wondering what’s new. From what I’ve learnt, the aftermarket Topre market has expanded by quite a lot to the point where you can make a full EC keyboard from scratch (including PCBs), custom keyboards have been the same with nothing revolutionary and there is a custom beamspring keyboard as well as custom beamspring switches. Is there anything else interesting going on?



Quite a few things actually!

Firstly, we have the Clickiez from ZealPC:

A book about keyboards - Shift Happens was successfully funded on Kickstarter not too long ago. I personally cannot wait for my copy.

And finally, there was also the Flux keyboard that was on Kickstarter. The whole concept is pretty cool imo, but understandably a lot of people see it as vaporware.