Best brushes for lubing?

First post here, I have a question about what brushes to use for lubing. Preferably available on Amazon uk and relatively cheap. Thanks!

These ones:

Size 0

I use some size zero ones I got at Michaels

A ziplock bag

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Do you just lube the stem? I usually like to put a bit on the inside of the housing too

I bag lube the stem and the spring. The lube gets on the housing just fine that way.

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I think I need to start doing that. I’ve been lubing the housings with the paintbrush and while i think you can control better the variation switch to switch it’s such a dull timesink.


Round # 2. Check the Oil brush section and look for any with similar dimensions, you cant go wrong. This one is stiff, and I cut the taper off the tip with flush cutters. The 1.76mm diameter is as big as you wanna go, and still be able to fit in the center post hole. Catalyst Polytip - Series 6450 - Princeton Brush Company

#2 would be way too big to get into the nooks and crannies of switches. Although maybe you’re using a different technique that works well with it!

The sizes differ quite a lot brand to brand. What you think is a huge #2, for that brush I linked, is the size most people use. The bristles just cover the side rails of the stem and peek over the side a bit. It fits perfectly in the center post hole, as well as the spring well on the underside of the stem, and gives perfectly spaced strokes to the slider rails of the housing. Not saying that’s the best brush, its kind of stiff, but it has the perfect measurements.